XMTrading: Is XM an unbeatable company? Wide spread, explanation of how to win


Is XM Trading, which is gaining popularity, really a winning company? It is popular because you can aim for a low risk high return with a luxurious bonus, a high leverage of 888 times, and a zero cut system with no debt risk, but what is the reality?

At XMTrading, spreads are wide depending on account type.

XM has wide spreads. It is very difficult to use for those who trade using a method called scalping. XM’s spreads tend to be wider compared to other companies. However, some currency pairs may be narrower than other brokers, so please check before trading. Even if you look at it as a possibility, if the spread is wide, there is a high possibility that you will lose even if you hold a position in the market.

bonuses and campaigns

The width of the spread is related to bonuses, campaigns, and XMP points. At XM, standard accounts and micro accounts are eligible for bonuses, but the spread is wide accordingly. From a company’s point of view, it is profitable to give a lot of bonuses and have them trade and lose. If you want to narrow the maximum spread and pips width, you will have to pay transaction fees, but KIWAMI accounts and zero accounts are safe.

Can be used as margin

XM has a cushion function and offers bonuses and campaigns, which has the great advantage of being able to use bonuses as margin. Because of this advantage, the spreads are widened regardless of the brand. Therefore, no matter how much money you put in or how much time you spend, the system is such that there are few wins and it is easy to lose money. If the spread is wide during price movements, it will work against you.

unbeatable forex trader

What kind of company is a FX company that cannot win? There are quite a few businesses around the world that are not profitable and will never win. As a basic knowledge, we will introduce the operations, methods, and examples. The more you enter the FX company, the more you need to be careful. They are often costly and lack sufficient transparency.

Lack of transparency in management

There are quite a few FX traders, both domestic and overseas, but it can be said that there is a risk to say that they are not licensed by some country or regulated by an organization.

Without at least approval from the Financial Services Agency, it cannot be said that there is transparency in the actual operation status. I can’t help but question the mechanism. This transparency is important when choosing a FX broker for first-time users. Even if you increase your funds through swing trading, etc., you will not be able to withdraw your cash.

low contracting firm

The important thing when taking a position is the “contract power”. Among FX traders, there are traders with extremely low contracting power, and it is impossible to take a position at all at the desired point. Oh my God.


FX is easy to understand, so I think it’s just a rumor, but let’s check it out. It is difficult to make a profit from the trader’s Forex if it is illegally manipulated.

Contractors who have problems that cannot be dealt with on our side are at risk. From the user’s point of view, it would be better to suspect that there are too many rejections. The only way to avoid this is to change companies.

Withdrawal refusal

The biggest problem with FX companies is that there are some companies that refuse refunds or withdrawals. I haven’t heard of such rumors at major companies, but it seems like they still happen at minor companies. It depends on the management company’s thinking, but the more newly launched the company, the more risky it is. Because I don’t want to pay any money back. In some cases, the terms and conditions do not mention anything related to withdrawals at all.

XM Reliability

Is XM reliable as a FX broker? If you answer the question, you can say “Yes.” XM started its service in 2009 and has a track record of over 10 years. If it is a fraudulent company, it will not be possible to build up a track record for even 10 years. Scalping, automatic trading (EA), and even swing trading are OK. You can also trade precious metals, energy, virtual currency (Bitcoin), stocks, etc.

Transparent company management

XM is very open to company information. Company information is also listed on the homepage. We also have a financial license. Our company has multiple operating companies and has been operating for a long time, so we have a high degree of reliability compared to other companies. Nowadays, you can also make small transactions, so it is suitable for beginners. It is also used by many professional traders and experienced traders.

Very high commitment

XM is famous for its extremely high execution power. [99.35% of all orders are executed within 1 second] is a feature of XM, so it can be said that the execution power is very high and excellent. As an investor, you can time your orders. There is also a wealth of content, including webinar programs. There is also a loss cut function. There is no manipulation, and zero cuts are used without margin calls. However, when it comes to economic indicators, the market environment gets a little rough. This is because we receive a large number of entry orders. As a countermeasure, we recommend waiting.

Very few withdrawal rejections

XM does not refuse refunds. However, there are some prohibited acts even on XM, so we recommend checking the terms of use. In the case of prohibited acts, withdrawals may be refused and the account may be frozen. The base currencies are dollar, euro, and Japanese yen. You can also check the status of your funds transfer within the page.

Trader reviews and reputation

So what are the opinions of traders who are actually trading? We have collected some opinions. Many users are satisfied with the maximum leverage of 1000x. There are no trade rejections, so you can trade 100% at your own discretion. It has a reputation that you can earn quite a lot of money. Many people tend to do day trading and short-term investing.


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